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Tumblr Savior on Firefox

Just to clear up some confusion, there is a Tumblr Savior Add-On for Firefox and there is a Tumblr Savior Greasemonkey userscript. They are two separate versions and you only need one of them. I heartily recommend you use the Add-On version, it’s much easier to use and is updated fairly regularly. You do not need Greasemonkey if you use the Add-On.

When you install the Tumblr Savior Add-on for Firefox, the icon will show up in the Add-On bar which goes across the bottom of your browser window by default. On Windows you can show and hide this bar by pressing Ctrl+/. You can move the icon up next to your address bar by right clicking on the Add-On bar and choosing Customize… a window will pop up, when that window is visible you can drag the Tumblr Savior icon up into your main browser bar and then click on Done. After that you can hide the Add-On bar again and the icon will remain visible in your browser bar.

Every version of Tumblr Savior is available from I’ve created versions for Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. If you don’t like using my site, you can also go to the various browser extension galleries where they’re all available as well:

And finally, if you want to get the source code and customize it, it’s available on GitHub at and older versions are available here:

I’m happy to see so many people getting good use out of Tumblr Savior. Happy reblogging everyone.

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Posted: 2012-09-22 11:01

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